Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dont Fall Asleep.....

Seriously don't fall asleep around us!  We will take pictures of you.  I caught Jered napping when he was supposed to be watching Malachi one afternoon. LOL.  So I took this picture and after I did Malachi was like "mommy, daddy seeping" Then started to do this fake snore mimicking Jered's snore. LOL!! It was so classic!
Then Jered got this great picture when he caught Xavior sleeping in the car.  This picture is so funny!!  His mouth all open.  LOL!!  I wasn't there but Jered said he was making little snoring sounds like "mimimi, mimimi".  LOL!!  Hes so cute!!

Next I caught Malachi asleep on the bus.  I mean come on who sleeps on a bus??  LOL!!   So I took this picture of him just all comfy and sleeping on the way to school.  LOL!!  He woke up all surprised like we are here already?  He was so confused it was so funny!!      

Now I know  what your thinking your like shes not going to do it.  Shes not going to post a photo of herself sleeping.  Normally I wouldn't but I look so darn cute when I'm sleeping!! LOL!  Malachi took this picture of me while I was sleeping in one morning.  He takes some good photos that little guy!  He was so sneaky I had no idea I had been caught sleeping till I was going through my photos and there it was. LOL!! I do have A LOT more pictures of friends and family caught sleeping that I wont post but don't fall asleep around us, we will take pictures of it. LOL!  Love ya!

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