Monday, May 2, 2011

We Just Wanna Have Fun!

I want to start by saying I am so blessed, The lord has made my life something I can be proud of every day.  I have two amazing boys in my life and one fantastic man.  We have two punky but lovable cats and we just want to have fun, which is good because that's mostly what we do.  We like Funny Glasses, fake mustaches  and Going to the park.  We love the lord and work hard every do to keep our family ready for our goals.  We work hard at in school and life so we can play hard when we are done.  We are happy you want to read about us and our adventures.  Enjoy!!     
These are my boys.  Even in their sleep they are fighting! LOL!  Malachi is winning!  Xavier is 11!  Hes the coolest kid ever!  He love transformers and video games, and for some reason he LOVES Short Circuit the movie.  He is a little hyper  and loves to play fight but he is a good kid with a big heart.  Malachi is 3-1/2!!  Hes getting to be a big boy!  He is so fun!  He loves puzzles, coloring, and Mega Mind the movie, he also love to do everything his dad and big brother do too!  They both love to eat Pizza and Brownies!  I love them both so much and I know they love me too! 

Theses are our two punky cats!  LOL!  They are the most fun and lovable punks I have ever met!  They each have their own personality and they amazingly get along great!  The dark brown one is Sabertooth .  He is between seven and eight human years old. He is a hefty cat.  He loves to try to hunt and to run around outside.  The tan one is Shifu.  He is one human year old which equates to 21 in cat years.  Let me tell you he thinks he runs the planet.  He is a good kitty and he loves everything hes so full of fun and mischief.  they both enjoy naps in the sun and being loved by their family.

 I know, I know, your all excited to hear about me and the most handsome man ever who is in all my photos, I know!  So here we go!  I am Jessica Nichole Allbright.  I am 23.  My husband is Jered Ross Allbright.  He is 28.  He is also the most amazing man on the planet.  We were married on July 14th, 2010.  We are so happy and we plan to stay that way.  Jered joined the church on March 12th, 2011 and I am so happy!  He has really changed his life, and in turn changed mine, with this choice and I love him for it!  We are currently living in Lancaster, CA in a small apartment but its cozy and we have made it a home.  We are also currently the winners of the first ever Calico Ghost Town New Years Eve Masquerade Ball Contest.  LOL!  We had so much fun dressing up and Dancing square dances all night.  We love to eat!!  LOL!  Its really the only thing we agree on and we cant even agree on that some times.  LOL!   We both have plans to be sealed together for time and all eternity  in the San Diego, CA temple in July of 2012.   We love our family, We love the lord and we thank him every day for bring us together and keeping us that way.  We love the Gospel and the gifts we can have if we just follow its teachings.     
So now you know a little bit about us.  We love you!!