Wednesday, June 1, 2011

They got their hair cut!?!?

Ok so a month ago my boys looks like this.<  So cute with their long rock star hair.  Jered's was just so soft and so curly.  Malachi's Was So straight and silky.  Every woman was jealous of their locks... Then one day Jered up and decides he want to look professional and cuts his all off now look at him!!  Almost bald!!  Well ok he looks hot whatever, I still miss his curls. Malachi's got enough cute hair for the both of them ya this is know no big.  

And you know what it was ok for a while. I had malachi's long amazing hair and it wasn't going anywhere... Rite??  Wrong!!  Next thing I know he's in the chair having his hair cut "like Daddy's".  WHAT???  I don't want him to have no hair!!  I love his Sweet baby boy look!!  NOOOOOO!!!! Now look at him!!  All grown up talking on his phone like he has something to say or something... Where has my baby gone??  But wait people aren't asking my about my little girl??  People are saying he looks like handsome a young man?  He can see where he is going?  WHAT??  Ok, Ok, I guess hair cuts aren't that bad.  I still miss the curls and the silky softness of their hair but they both look very handsome.  I will always love them so I suppose it's ok, Oh and don't be jealous of how darn cute my men are.  LOL! Watch out!