Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cake, Cake, Cake and more Cake!!!!

Hey all!!  I know that this page is usually about the boys and our adventures, but this post is all about me and my cake!  I love cake's!!  Seriously you have no idea!! 
Now I have always loved cake, as a kid I was constantly baking everything!!  My poor parents always having to clean up the kitchen after me I'm so sorry it must have been awful!  I say that because I have to clean up after myself now and it is not always fun. LOL! So  I have made a lot of cakes but the cake that I guess started this whole decorating endeavor was the summer cake. 
My friend Jesi and I designed this cake together.  It was a lot of fun so we decided to make another cake.  So we made this cake for Our friends wedding sealing.  It was so much cake but it was so much fun to make so I made some more cakes.  Because I don't want to have cake around the house a lot I try not to make too many cakes so I decided only on holidays/Birthdays will I make cake. 
   Then came the birthday season.  Jered's birthday is October 14th I made him a cheesecake topped with strawberry's later I topped it with whip cream.  I loved the cake it tasted amazing but I learned some tips so it will be way better looking!!  Then came my Mom's and Malachi's birthday's Moms on the28th and Malachi's the 30th of October.  Mom's cake was fun but it took forever and then I melted the frosting all off so it made me kind of sad!  But it looks like waterfall so it was worth it! 
Malachi's cake was so fun!!  I asked him what he wanted on his cake at the time he didnt talk but he made it plain to see he wanted the toy story.  This cake turned out to be a whole lot of frosting to cover a lot of mistakes.  It was amazingly sweet and sadly plain but it was so fun to make!! 

So the first holiday cake I made was this bunny. He was so cute!! So i made two! They look almost exactly the same just some details changed. I had a great time with these!!  I liked the cake cutting its so easy to make a single layer cake look like anything you want. Like a bear, or a football, or a star.  

Jered and Malachi's cake this year were by far my most fun cakes to make.  I made Jered a Cowboy panda cake.  It has a cowboy star and he is so cool!! I kept getting told that he should of had a football but I didn't think about it till it was too late.  LOL. 
Now I know that it seams like tracing a shape on a cake would be easy.  Yeah you go get the sheet printed with the image, cut around it, and trace the colors.  Yeah it SHOULD be that easy but it was not, Not at all.  LOL.  It was a big fiasco this buzz cake.  It was traumatic just ask Jered!  In the end I got it done and it turned out quite well I think.
I should have one More cake to post but I ran out of time making my moms birthday cake this year (we lost track of time  making her a present and forgot to make the cakes!) :(  I will be making some more cakes this year I think a Santa or an apple pie.... Oh I do love pie! LOL  We will see what comes out of my kitchen next!  Love you guys!!

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